I'm OK as long as it works

I bought the MacBook Pro 10 years ago. It is still working well and, I love it. But, the 4GB RAM and Core 2 Duo machine is old somehow, especially on making music. I have thought to buy a new Mac for more than five years but, I couldn't find any candidate.


Ten years ago, I thought Apple was cool; it was only a brand to buy. Good looking machines and well-organized software were perfect. But, now, it isn't.


Talking about the software, still good but, there is no hardware I want.
It is completely packaged and, with no extra space to expand. Apple has tried to cut the room for this ten years. It's OK if you can afford the new machine every two years but, I can't.


So, bought a new Windows machine. It could not be in ten years ago. I think the interface of Windows is getting better; I like flat design. For me, the way it looks is the most important.


Of course, I keep on using my MacBook Pro as well.Now, I'm OK as long as it works. Windows or Mac doesn't matter. I don't know if current Windows OS is better than Mac OS but, I will try. Let's see what's happening.