Violet Evergarden 1/2

Ten years ago, I happened to turn on the TV in the late night. Cherry blossoms were fluttering in my small tube. The animation was beautiful and, I was astonished. 


At the time, I was not a big anime fan. Of course, I had watched some titles. It is not easy to avoid animation as long as you were in Japan.I asked my colleague who was looking very much like Otaku about what I watched the night. He said it was CLANNAD made by Kyoto Animation. It was my first time to hear the name Kyoto Animation.


KA had already made many titles including AIR, Kanon and, Haruhi. I decided to watch everything and, I became an Otaku.KA has made one of the highest quality of animation since established and, what the company makes can influence on non-anime fans.


After CLANNAD, the company finally made one of the most influential anime in history so-called K-ON!. I don't know how many people turned their mind to be an Otaku by the influence of Kyoto Animation. 


But, as time goes by the number of titles I watch got smaller. The animation market in Japan expanded and numerous titles of animation started every three months. I was not sure what to watch because everything seemed to be almost the same. I tried to find my favorite but, some were too complicated and, some were too boring. And, I finally stopped watching an anime in my mid-twenties.


As I mentioned, the expansion of Otaku market killed me as an Otaku but, it also could bring me back to life in 2018. 'Violet Evergarden' finally unveiled.